A glimpse and a FO

Hello all you lovely people.

Its Friday night (should be cooking tea, it can wait) just thought I would pop in and say ‘ello’ and send out some love to you all.  Reading some of your blogs it is quite evident that some are feeling a tad fearful and I really understand that, we are living in a rather unusual time, however I refuse to be drawn into a feeling of fear about what is happening.  I just read dear Alice’s blog and she was asking how we could help each other more in this uncertain time.  I made this comment…..

“sending love to each other through our blogs lifts our vibration, with this higher vibration we send out more. Did you know the perfect frequency/vibration for healing is 528 mega hertz and this is what musical instruments etc should be tuned to.
I believe this will all come in due course as we are ‘awakening’ to the realisation that the way we live and what we do to each other and our beautiful planet is not supporting or sustaining. A lot of souls are already aware, however there are a large number who aren’t as yet”

So dear fellow bloggers, keep sending out that love to each other, and to those that are creating war and turmoil in our world, they need it the most and not to forget our lovely planet, as love is the healing frequency 528.

Just on Alice, she sent a comment to me re a comment that I made on her blog regarding a Noro sock yarn skirt I was knitting my granddaughter, it is a WIP because I need to finish off her little dress that is the same as this (this isn’t hers, it was the one I knitted for my cousins daughter)  so that I can reclaim my circular needle, but I have done two ruffles and the start of another one, so here is a little sneak peek..

It is so nice to knit with and feels all soft and warm and squishy and light, and I can’t wait to see all the different colors, just in the two ruffles we have gone from rusty-red to pinks, I can see green and blue and orange in the ball as well…just a little excited.

Have just finished this little jacket for her, knitted in pure wool on a circular needle and dpn’s – no seams, had to pick up stitches, which was a first for me, and it worked…yay!!!!!! I was so happy as I’m not the most confident in that dept.

I am really happy about the way it turned out, except for the button sewn on the inside, it has left a ‘dimple’ on the outside, think I am going to have to sew the button on loosely. Pattern found here and is called Children’s Neckdown Bolero.

I embroidered a few little flowers in the same wool and sewed some beads in the centres.  I had a ball of wool left over so I crocheted this to go with it.

Awwww, can’t wait to see her in it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, lets reach out and join hands and hearts across the universe and be united in this time of unrest


If you feel you would like to donate,  this is the link

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4 Responses to A glimpse and a FO

  1. auntiegwen says:

    Just caught up with your last few posts, loving the pink knitted stuff for the graanbabies and the cupcakes at the party and also the dancing daughter. It’s been a real lovely 10 minutes with reading all nice stuff , theres so much not nice stuff going on it’s good to have a little time being thankful for what good stuff we do have. Love being sent your way xxxx

  2. Melissa says:

    How sweet are you? I must be feeling the vibes already! The little cardigan and hat are just too cute! I’m sure she will look so adorable! Thank you for your kind words. I can’t tell you how much they meant to me! Have a lovely week-end!

  3. The little skirt is lovely! I’m a bit obsessed with Noro sock yarn right now and am plotting in my mind constantly how to aquire more more more!!!!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed my post, I like to see what other people think about what is a way to change the world, one thing I’ve learned in life so far is that you just can’t tell people what is right or true as it is only right and true for you and that their truths are just as beautiful at their source as everyone elses….. We are all such beautiful souls and have so much love to give, and we are seeing it grow so much as these times happen on our planet! I know that my heart is a very different thing than it was a month ago and what a blessing…. I’m feeling so much unconditional love for people…. don’t know how long it will last, but its here for now and I’ll enjoy it!
    I’m interested in this music thing! I have this wonderful CD by Jonothan Goldman that is a very high frequency, he has a warning on it not to listen to it while driving!!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend Sandi and keep us posted with the skirt progress!!!!
    Love Alice and Raymond XXXXX

  4. your knitting is looking lovely Sandi, that little jacket is very sweet!
    From Denise @ Flower shop

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