Happy Birthday to you………


We had a lovely day.

Anabelle was so grateful for her little party and pressies, ‘Fanks nanna for my party’ was said a few times during the day.

That’s my dear dad in the background, not asleep!! he must have blinked right at the wrong time.  Anabelle loves ‘great poppy’ and they giggle together a lot, so sweet.

A helping hand from daddy to blow out the candles

A close up of the little cupcakes, not the best picture….chocolate mud cupcake hearts with chocolate ganache and purple ‘blobs’ (good descriptive word that) with flowers and silver balls and sprinkles etc….very rich.  Best of all they turned out ok…..phew!

Two blocks of Lindt cooking chocolate, seven eggs, 450g of butter…….. they are the most expensive cupcakes I have ever made, but worth it.

A ‘helping’ hand from cousin Amira to open the gifts.

Right I am off for an early night, I am still not well, so a big sleep and a day for myself tomorrow….knitting….after I Hoover up the mess.




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3 Responses to Happy Birthday to you………

  1. Miss holly says:

    What a happy memory you have made for that beautiful little sweetheart! The cupcakes look divine!!!! So hope you are feeling better soon……not fun to be under the weather….take it easy today if you can…: )

  2. Diney says:

    Looks like a party to remember and the choc cup cakes have made me remember I’m starving hungry and one of those would just hit the spot with a cup of tea! Mmmm! What a beautiful granddaughter you have, Sandi x

  3. felicity says:

    oh what a lovely party! your cup cakes sound yummy! fliss xxx

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