It is my granddaughters birthday tomorrow, she is turning 4, I wonder how excited she is tonight.

I am having her little party here tomorrow and will be making heart shaped cupcakes in the morning for her birthday cake…..hope they turn out ok.

I have been sick all this week with a headache and aching body that has left it feeling very fatigued, but tonight the headache has gone…..thank goodness.  My daughter in law made me some chicken soup (asian style) and juiced me up half a bottle of beetroot, grape, apple, carrot, lime and ginger….bless her.  My daughter thought it was a sweet berry juice because of the color, her face said it all after the first mouthful.  I started to laugh…and so did she.  Was a shock, expecting fruit and she got veggie instead 🙂

I have been knitting my granddaughter a little jacket, did hope I would have it finished for tomorrow, but whatever I have had has affected my eyes so not much got done, she is a very forgiving little soul and she won’t mind that it isn’t finished for tomorrow.

The weather is going to be lovely too, a perfect day for a little girls birthday.

I will remember to take some photos to show you.

xx Sandi

Oooh a photo of my daughter dancing her solo in the concert end of last year, just a tad proud.


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4 Responses to Party….

  1. Diney says:

    Happy birthday!! The excitement!!
    Wow that photo if your daughter is something – not surprised you ate one proud mummy!! Xx

  2. Melissa says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve been ill! There is nothing worst than being sick in summer. At least in the winter, you don’t feel like you’re missing anything when you are all snug in your bed recovering. I love that you are having a party for your grand-daughter. This is something that she will remember as she grows up with great fondness and love. That picture of your daughter is A-MAZ-ING!!! Holy Cow, she’s gorgeous! You have every reason to be proud!

  3. Cuckoo says:

    A TAD proud??? Enormously proud I should think! What a beauty your daughter is and with talent too.

    So glad to hear you are feeling better in time for your lovely grandaughters party. You are a lovely granny/nanny/grandma to hold the party for her.

    Did I tell you I know what I’m going to do with my wash cloth you gave me? I’ll do it soon (I hope) and show you.

    much love xxx

  4. Bimbi says:

    Wow, what a beauty!! You must be over the MOOOON and bursting with pride! :))))

    thanks for dropping in.

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