It’s sunny today…..

What a beautiful day we are having today, the sun is shining after a week of grey and cold days, it has been a delight once again to open all the doors and windows to let the warm breeze through the house and hopefully to take away the bug, cold bug that is, yes I have a bit of a cold, drippy nose and slightly sore throat and a bit of a headache too.  IT IS NOT going to get any worse I tell you!!!!

Last night I mixed some oregano oil and some ‘balance’ oil into a carrier oil and massaged my feet with it, oregano is great for your immune system and balance is great for your blood and your emotional state.  I also massaged some ginger oil (in a carrier oil) all over my hands, its good for arthritis and I have a few knuckles that hurt sometimes.

I was able to take a few photos today in the sun in the middle of washing and vacuuming etc.

It has been a week of bargains, I picked up this gorgeous wood and wire bird cage for $5 as it was ever so slightly damaged, a little bit of black paint will fix it, they are usually around $30.

Went to Spotlight, I am a VIP member so yarn was on sale for the VIPs, found this out thanks to Anne, I also love rummaging around in the throw out bins, look what I found….

Normally $10, I paid $5, will knit up a little pair of pants with this one, will show you when I finish them.

Two balls for $2 each, pure wool, just went into the stash bag.

Spotlight had a class on how to make a crochet bag, I couldn’t help myself I just had to go learn how, I am making a functional colored one, mostly in browns and greens with a bit of a twist, not sure when it will get finished tho’.

Starts of with a few free form flowers and then you crochet around them and just keep going and going and going with different colors and textures of yarn.

Bought a little bag, its a pencil case, joined in the middle and zippers each end, so crochet hooks one end, and stitch markers, stitch holders etc. in the other, I really fell in love with it.

This is the other side, it is a soft pink.  I was a bit over having to rummage around all the time attempting to find everything.

Then I ordered this from New Zealand……

Beautiful soft baby wool, not sure what I will make with this, I have so much I want to make……….so watch this space.

I also bought this wool @ $2 a ball and am knitting a little cross over jacket for my granddaughter, she is turning 4 next Saturday, had better hurry up and finish it!!!

Just a little more in length, then the sleeves and then the collar and bands.  I am knitting a couple of other things but can’t show you yet, they are a surprise for someone and all my other knitting hasn’t been finished off yet (so lazy in the finishing dept.)

This one is for all the kitty lovers out there, isn’t it the cutest!! My daughter wants it, she’s not going to get it tho’, we already have one and I signed a lease not to get another, plus I really can’t afford another mouth.  It does remind me so much of our cat when she was a kitten, without the beanie of course.  Which reminds me, I did dress our cat in baby clothes once…..poor thing.

Wishing you a day full of love and fun and sun shine

xx Sandi


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6 Responses to It’s sunny today…..

  1. Melissa says:

    Love the bird cage and you really got some lovely wool. I can’t wait to see your bag. I saw that kit on line and thought it was pretty cool. I’m still knitting and only had to rip out once. I hope to show the profess tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.

  2. auntiegwen says:

    That bird cage is gorgeous, I love things like that 🙂 enjoy the sun, it’s very dreich here. xxx

  3. Diney says:

    I must try oregano in a carrier oil as it sounds divine and just the job for my aching thumb joints! It must be the cold and grim weather we’ve been having of late. The bird cage is gorgeous – what a bargain! And the kitty in the hat sooooo cute – my little girl would adore that too but we have 2 cats and 2 dogs already and enough already!!!!! Xx

  4. Denise Best says:

    Looking forward to seeing your crochet bag. Great colours.

  5. kath says:

    All those goodies! I have a metal bird cage which holds candles.
    That must have been tough to say NO to that kitten, we had a tabby kitten once, called Stripe, or Stripey cat. He had enormous ears, that he never grew into LOL

  6. Helen says:

    I saw the bag “kits” yesterday when I went to Spotlight. I was almost tempted to pick one up. I was a bit confused as to how you would crochet on the plastic. It seemed as though they would be better for a fabric or leather bag. You must let us know how it turns out.

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