Floods, Cyclones and yarn!!


are having some very weird weather aren’t we,  the UK and USA have had very low temps and snow of which they haven’t had for many a year if at all.

We in Australia have had lots of rain and an intermittent summer with low temps then shooting up to 40 odd degs in a day.  In this past week I have had my brother up in the middle of Cyclone Yasi, so not much sleep the other night (he is ok and so is his house) then down here at the bottom of Australia we got the outward ripples of it on Friday night and Saturday, flooding everywhere and waterfalls down the sides of hills.  I had to go to work on Saturday morning and drove through rivers of water across the road and then couldn’t get back home the way I came.  It has all settled down now.

I remembered I had boxes of books out in the garage so I checked yesterday, some are ruined and cannot be saved, very sad about that, I love my books.  The garage got flooded out and we still had flood water in our front garden yesterday afternoon.

Today and sun is in and out.

Mother Nature.


Last week I set off to a yarn shop about half an hours drive from here in a suburb called Canterbury and bought some very pretty soft colored yarns to knit some very sweet baby things with……..I get so excited, I have just received another beautiful book which took my breath away with the beautiful bits and bobs in it.

Debbie Bliss and Rowan, cashmere mix.  Pity the colors don’t come out very well, but you girls who know these brands know the pretty colors.

Jo Sharpe silk mix, mmmmmmmm yumm.

This is a new one to me, have not heard of it before, it is soooooooooo soft…..Merino wool.

I didn’t buy a lot of as it is soooo ruddy expensive here,  $11.50 a ball (7.24gbp) for Debbie Bliss I was told that it is only around 4.95 gbp, which would make it $ 7.80 here, so they do throw a bit more on.  The Rowan was around the $12.95 and the Millamia was $11.50

After the shock of that yarn I went back to my fav wool at Bendigo Wool Mills, it is so soft just right for a baby….and it is only $14.00 for 200gm, not $11.50 for 50gm.  They have a lot of colors to choose from, I am going to have to order some 8ply too.

I also want to try some Ashford yarn – Tekapo in fact, the yarn that Alice uses, but that will have to wait a little while.

I had to buy this huge bag to stash all my new yarn in (hehe) It was on sale so it was super cheap, it is canvas and lined inside.

Luckily you can’t see me today as I have a mask on my face and it is WHITE I look so attractive!!!!

Hope no one comes to the door.

I am off to vacuum and then take the mask off, then knit……..yay!!!

Hugs to you all, hope your day is wonderful xxxx Sandi


PS.  I sold a vest, beanie and facewasher last week, ooh so excited.

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6 Responses to Floods, Cyclones and yarn!!

  1. Hi Sandi, yes what terrible weather, times are a-changing right now, I have been talking to KB about it and she says the only thing we can do is send the earth love when we feel afraid.
    Loving your yarn purchases, wow, isn’t it fun splurging!!!!!!?????!!!!!! Debbie Bliss is $16.95 a ball here, frightening isn’t it! And Rowan is about the same, I’m always amazed at how people in the UK make Rowan blankets, but then I remember it is from there, so not so expensive! Lucky for us we have our great wools too huh! Ooh, yes, and the Ashford is so delish, you will love the vibrant colours! And it’s cheap too which makes it even better
    Bye now!

  2. Diney says:

    Mother nature has been wild and frightening there is no doubt. Catastrophic. Pleased for you that only your garage affected as so many tragedies. We are having wet and very windy times in northern England but nothing that unusual, thankfully. X

  3. Denise says:

    Hi Sandi, Thanks for taking the time to have a look at our new blog. Isn’t our ‘blog mistress’ doing a fantastic job!
    Its OK when the weather drives you indoors but not good when the weather gets into your ‘stuff”.
    Be strong.

  4. auntiegwen says:

    We were just saying what an awful time Australia has had weather wise. Glad you are safe xxxx

  5. Melissa says:

    Glad to know that you are safe and sound! The yarn you purchased is beautiful. The prices are crazy! But then, I’m sure if I found a lovely Australian or New Zealand wool, it would cost me crazy money. Can’t wait to see what you make with them!

  6. I loved this little look into your day/country/plans.

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