Queensland floods……please help if you can.

Gum Tree Designs Flood Appeal 2011

Please visit the above site and……

if anyone could spare a little for the above it would be most appreciated.

I am sending yarn, hooks and knitting needles and a few bits for the sewing kits.

It is a sad, sad time for these people and they need to be able to do something that they love to give themselves a little emotional relief from the reality of what has happened and will continue to affect them for a very long time.

I live down at the bottom of Australia and of course we are a long way away from the floods, (even tho we have had bucket loads of rain and our own mini flooding) however I have many friends and relations up there and haven’t heard from them in three days, I can only put it out there that they are safe.

I am humbled by the ‘coming together’ of complete strangers helping one another.

And to the looters…….Karma

In the face of adversity the great Aussie sense of humour is still there

eg. a sign on one of the shops

‘Closing down liquidation sale’



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5 Responses to Queensland floods……please help if you can.

  1. Diney says:

    Consider it done. It is just terrible. None of us can possibly understand or comprehend the sheer terror of this savage phenomenon.

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh! What a lovely idea! I’ve seen all this on the news and I have to admit, the people of Australia are a hearty bunch. I can’t count how many people I’ve seen slogging through that mess and saying it could be worse. Wow! Very impressive!

  3. kath says:

    As I work to make my new house nice, it breaks my heart to think so many people are losing everything they have including their precious pet animals.
    My heart felt blessings go out to them.

  4. homeandheart says:

    So sad! What a wonderful idea and kindness. I will see what I can find. Bless your heart!

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