Reflections on New Years Eve……

Crocheted  this little heart the other day (for my mum) and thought it was a lovely way to show you all how I feel as I reflect on the past year.

I started my blog this year and have found the most amazing women out there, all over the world, all doing their bit to enrich the lives of their loved ones and the people around them, and they probably don’t realise how far and wide this love travels.

I am grateful to have found you and share in your lives.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year, may you all be blessed with good health, much laughter, love in abundance and lots of crafty times……..

and I wish for this love to envelope the whole world so that not one person will be left untouched.

Grateful for the friendship of my beautiful children and the love they have for each other

Grateful for my granddaughter, who just radiates love and light

Grateful to still have my mum and dad

Grateful for all my wonderful friends

I am also grateful to have ‘found’ crochet this year, and even more grateful that I was stubborn enough to stick with it, even though at times very naughty words came out of my mouth, must have helped tho’ the above is a small sample of what I achieved this year, there are a couple of knitted items in there too.

Loving my garden that went from a patch of dirt to beautiful, beautiful flowers, hope they survive today’s heat – 41C – 105.8F, just a bit hot, so far I am ok the house is not too bad.  The sun is in and out, so that helps and later on tonight we are getting a cool change with storms.  I have been hearing sirens on and off today, hope nothing too serious.  I worry for the elderly not staying cool and drinking enough.

We have had such cool weather up to 25C – 77F, then today…….bang straight into 40C.

(Just heard on the news the main road that I had to drive on to get to my prior home has been closed because it is melting, yep that hot!!!!)



I made this for my mum for her birthday, I have blocked it and now waiting for it to dry,  think I am going to have to crochet a backing as the heat will go through it.  I used Lily’s Sugar and Cream 100% Cotton, good to crochet with, have ordered quite a lot through ebay – ‘Nana’s Notions”

I am going to have a quiet night, my kids are off doing what they are doing, I have the house to myself a cold bottle of champagne in the fridge, dinner already made, a candle to be lit, some fav shows on TV to watch, and some thoughts/wishes to go out into the universe……..and my crochet hook………………….bliss.

May the New Year bring about more tolerance and respect for our fellow man and Mother Nature.  May the fortunate hold out their hands and help those less fortunate.

Happy New Year to you, from my family to yours















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6 Responses to Reflections on New Years Eve……

  1. happy new year sandi! you have done so well with the crochet, great stuff, your flowers are gorgeous,
    many blessings to you and your family XXXXX

  2. Sue says:

    Happy New Year Sandi!

  3. Cuckoo says:

    What a gert lush post (as they say here in Bistol, England) really makes one stop and think of the blessing to be grateful for.

    I know what you mean about crochet and rude words! I’ve spilled a few myself, but then I’m a bad swearer. It’s the thing I’m most shameful about.

    I was looking at your photo of Christmas day. It looked such fun with your loved ones. I can’t imagine having a hot Christmas. I’m sure a cold one woud feel very odd to you too. My husband really fancies a hot holiday over Christmas in a few years. I’m not sure, maybe you could convince me?!

    Right I’m off to do an “Alice” flowery tea cozy, I should do a blog post but I’m lacking photo’s, the light is dreary to say the least.


  4. Cuckoo says:

    Woops, Bristol not Bistol!

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