Am sitting here, reading your lovely crafty, happy blogs and the smell of lemon blossom keeps drifting by.

Isn’t the smell heavenly, such a Spring smell, I had to pick a little piece and bring it inside as I love the smell.

My little garden is looking more colorful as you can see.

Will leave you with these photos, have a wonderful day and lots of love to you all, I am busy making my journals and have been reading blogs all morning, now that isn’t getting anything done xxxxxxoooooo




































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5 Responses to Lemon

  1. love those pansies! wht a lovely colourful garden!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Gorgeous flowers…thank you for your glimpses of spring, a lovely morning pick me up.

  3. sandiart says:

    Hi girls, yes the flowers are so lovely to look at and make me feel very happy, the pansies have such a lovely delicate perfume.

  4. Diney says:

    On a dark, windy, wet and horrible morning in Northumberland those photos are a real tonic and a reminder of sunny days ahead! :)) x

  5. Melissa says:

    Your flowers are gorgeous! We are hitting the fall weather now so your little bit of spring brightens the day!

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