Little bits & bobs


A quick visit today, have heaps to do, got to go shopping for ingredients to make, Chilli Fish Patties, Thai Green Chicken Curry and Black Forest Cake, because it is my daughters 20th on Monday and we are having a family dinner and that is what she has requested, so I have some serious cooking to do.

But first…..

I popped into a Op shop/charity shop on Wednesday after my 2 hour walk and bought 6 plants for the garden (geraniums) for $2

A sweet little dish….some delish buttons and a ball of wool, all for $5, was very happy.

I took some time out from crafting for the fair and did a spot of crochet with the ball of wool (such a pretty color) and this is what I did, it is all just practice to see if I could and found that I was able to crochet things that resembled what I was attempting to crochet :):):)  I will re-crochet the flower below on the right (because there is a little mistake in there) and make it into a brooch and give it to my mum for Christmas, as it’s her fave color of blue.











The top left is a carnation, top right is a flower which you will all recognise, bottom left is a ripple and bottom right is a rose that I haven’t wound up yet, I think it looks so sweet and could be used as a little collar on a dolls dress.  I really enjoyed doing these, and last night I started to teach myself to Tat.  Have always wanted to learn, so I gave it a go, I will post a photo when I do something that resembles Tatting 🙂

Sweet little dish, I have the buttons in it.


I sat on the floor in the op shop and emptied out a HUGE jar full of buttons and went through them one by one and picked out these, I love the shell type ones and am always on the look out for them.  One of the ladies told me I was very patient……… don’t know about patient, I was very stiff by the time I had finished I can tell you and I was in the way of the change room, people had to basically step over me, but there wasn’t anywhere else to go and sort.

I have a lovely pink woven cotton scarf that looks uck on me, too pale, so am going to make flowers out of it and that pink button in the stash above is the perfect color to put in the middle, yay!!

Best be off, time is slipping away, take care and love to you all.

Sandi xxx & ooo (hugs)


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2 Responses to Little bits & bobs

  1. Lorraine says:

    A very happy 20th birthday to your daughter. I hope she has a really lovely day.
    Tatting? I am impressed 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Wow! You have been busy! I can’t wait to see your tatting. I’ve always been fascinated by it, but too chicken to try. Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday!!

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