A little more productive

Yesterday I got out my dyes and dyed some lace for making bookmarks, the colors are a bit dark yet,  they are out in the sun to fade  before I put the finishing touches to them.  My fingers also need to fade, the dye is all around and under my nails, not a good look.

They are still too vibrant, I need them to fade off to more vintage style colors, I also coffee dyed a couple, one I left as is, the other I put through a patina wash so it has come out a little darker, I am going to do a couple more today in the original colors that I have done before, they are much more subdued.

Look who else was enjoying the sun today……

My daughter was laying out in the sun, so Meggs decided she would lay beside her and catch a few rays too.









A little up date of the garden, it is slowly becoming more green and some flowers have appeared.

The middle bit there still looks a bit bare, the snails keep eating the marigolds, even tho I put out the snail bait (sorry snails).  I pruned the little rose-bush, it is so lush now, I don’t think it has ever been given some TLC, I have a lot of buds on it.  Another little rose-bush is covered in pink rose buds, I will be able to pick some soon and bring them inside to enjoy their color and scent.

Well my lovelies I must away, more dyeing to be done and a spot of house work, as much as Meggs is a gorgeous girl, she sheds way too much fur on the couches and floors.

Hugs and love to you all.

Sandi xx

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4 Responses to A little more productive

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Those bookmarks are so lovely! I have never dyed thread before. So cool!

  2. Melissa says:

    The book marks are beautiful! I know you want them to look vintage, but I love the bright colors. Good Luck with the snails. My grandmother used to put salt out. Don’t know if it works of not, but might be worth looking into….might not be good for the other plants though. Can’t wait to see everything in full bloom!

  3. Lorraine says:

    The bookmarks look great, how clever to dye them, they are so pretty.

    Glad the weather is improving and your garden is growing…snails and marigolds…grrr!

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