Being productive

Hello there, hope today is being kind to you all, the sun is shining here and it is very warm, 29 deg today.  The washing is out, chores done and time to get on with what I love best, creating.  I am knitting for Christmas pressies and for a stall that my friend and I are having in a convent here in Melbourne.  It is the first time either one of us has done this so it should be a hoot.  She travelled for 11 months and has some, well a lot, of amazing photos so she is going to have calendars made featuring her photo’s, and me, I am selling environmentally friendly goods.  Sometimes you just have to jump in and give it a go.  Here is a photo of the dish cloths I am knitting for Christmas with some hemp yarn that was delivered today.  I will knit and crochet these into pot scrubbers etc.  The cloths are knitted in pure cotton.

I found the most gorgeous little yarn shop up in the ‘hills’ near where I live in a place called Sassafrass, it is a tourist magnet, coffee shops, tea rooms, antique shops, cake shops, body products shops etc. etc.  It is always busy, even in the dead of winter, it is very, very English.  In fact all the area up in the hills is very English, the houses and gardens and little ‘villages’ that’s why I loved living up there.

I bought this…………….

A pattern for a little knitted skirt in this gorgeous yarn, Lambs wool, silk, kid mohair and a little nylon, I am going to knit it for my granddaughter for next winter.  Oh it is so, so cute.  I also bought a pattern for a little sleeveless pinafore which can be knitted in winter weight or cotton for summer.  I also bought a ball of soft mint colored cotton to knit/crochet another couple of cloths.

This morning along with the hemp yarn a hank of this came with it, such glorious colors…….

It is Sari Silk, so not sure if it is the silk threads all spun together, or thin strips spun together, what ever, it is glorious and I would like to crochet something stunning with it.  Am thinking flowers but seriously need to practice…and serious practice at that to do the silk justice.  It isn’t soft which is a pity.  They also sent me a lip balm (organic) as a thank you for my patience as I had to wait for the hemp to come in.  Some people are so generous, I hope they know how much it is appreciated.

I will have to take my camera next time I go up to Sassafrass and ask if I can take a photo of the inside of the shop, and will take some of the surrounds and show you what a beautiful area it is.

Have a wonderful weekend doing what you love.  It is going to be cool again here so it is good knitting/crochet weather.

Hugs and love to you all..

Sandi xxxx

PS.. my garden is coming along beautifully, will take pics next time 🙂



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5 Responses to Being productive

  1. Oh how I love Noro! I am feeling a bit envious of all your beautiful wool and yarn! have fun creating!

  2. Melissa says:

    Love the colors! Can’t wait to see the finished products! Have a lovely week-end creating!

  3. kath says:

    That sari silk is gorgeous! I would like to see what you make with that. Looking forward to some garden photos too.

  4. felicity says:

    lovely yarns, i made a nice scarf using that noro in a similar colour too, fliss xxx

  5. The Cuckoo says:

    I am sick with the wantsies for the heart dish cloth. I just love it so. It’s goegeous. I should learn to knit so that i can have one of these. i haven’t ever seen one like this before. I’ve gone gaga over it!

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