Today is


what ever happened to the gentle warm days of Spring.  It has been blowing a gale, rain belting down, hail and snow for two days now.  Mind you the little garden I planted is loving it, the plants are starting to expand and some are in flower.  I will take a photo soon.

This morning I worked for a few hours at my daughters dance school, it is in an old ‘coolstore’  where they used to store fruit and vegies in cold storage and sell the produce out the front.  It is all pretty much open ceilings and not at all warm, but with little electric heaters on you can usually become quite snug…..NOT today it was freezing and the wind was howling in through the gaps, so was very grateful to get home into the warm with a hot coffee and some lunch and thaw out.

Dare I say it, or maybe it will jinx me, I think I have improved with my crochet tension somewhat, you can imagine how that makes me feel 🙂 🙂 You girls can understand that feeling I’m sure, it is, to quote Lucy, ‘heart skippy happy’

This is my 7th square and with it (on the left) is my 5th, woohooo!!!!!  It is a little wibbly, wobbly in a couple of spots, but lookie it isn’t curling like the other one.  I think I will undo the one on the left and do it again, it looks a bit horrid.


This is the 6th one, it was the hardest so far, it is a ribbed one, I am fairly pleased at the final result, but I did undo it several million times.

I attempted to crochet some flowers last night, but the pattern got the better of me and I gave up, it was late tho.  I have to stop sitting up so late at night, because I get up later the next day (only 8.30am)  through winter it wasn’t so bad, but now that the warmer (?) weather is here/coming I want to get up earlier and enjoy more of the day.

Well I am off to have yet another coffee, and get #5 square undone and redone, then I will be HAPPY.

Before I go, I want to say…..I Love reading your blogs and love receiving comments, it means I’m not blathering on to the black hole of cyberspace haha.

Keep well.

Sandi xx



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4 Responses to Brrrrrrr

  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh the weather sounds terrible!

    Love the squares, they are coming on a treat…I do like the ribbed one especially.

  2. Melissa says:

    Sandi, I’m so happy for you. Don’t give up on the flowers. Start with a really simple one and you’ll be surprised at how happy that thrilled you’ll be once you have the flower. Try to stay warm and enjoy your week-end!

  3. Jody says:

    What lovely work you do!!! Thank you for your visit!

  4. Mwa says:

    It’s gone cold here too. Brrr. It makes me want to go back to bed.

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