Latest project

Finally finished the little baby jacket that I was knitting for a friend, along with a baby face washer.    So I was rushing to get it finished and of course when you rush you make mistakes………..I knitted the neck-band too long and hurriedly sewed it on, looked at it and…….lets just say I wasn’t happy and we will leave it at that.   I then had to unpick it all which as you know isn’t the easiest job.  Today is Wednesday here in Oz and I have just handed it over, it was meant to be finished last Saturday.

I took some very quick photo’s here inside at 8.15am this morning cos the sun was NOT shining today, in fact it has been a grey, very wet day.  Didn’t stop me going for my walk though, I was sopping wet by the time we got back….I digress……..anyhow the photo’s are not the best at all!!!!

But here they are anyway, sigh, you will have to use your imagination and a bit of a squint may help too.




The jacket was knitted in ‘Bendigo Woollen Mills’ pure cotton, in cream, it is a beautiful soft yarn to knit with and will be kind on the baby’s skin. and I knitted a couple of little flowers and embroidered a couple of bits in a peach yarn.  I used mother of pearl buttons.

Oh you can’t see the little feet very well, what a shame, bad weather!!!   This was knitted in a mix of Bamboo and Wool, it is so soft.  I really enjoyed knitting this.  I didn’t get time to block it either, not happy, however what is done is done and I am guessing by the time it has been through the wash it won’t be the same anyway…..still 😦

We have had such glorious weather and last night a cool change swept through and the rain bucketed down and today has been miserable, it is a good night to snuggle on the couch with hook and yarn, but I am off to work tonight, just for an hour, then home to cook tea, then the night is mine.

So best off to get ready, see you all soon 🙂

Hugs Sandi xx


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3 Responses to Latest project

  1. Lorraine says:

    Bad weather or not I am sure the little cardigan and washcloth will be well received! Not sure what our Wednesday is going to be like as it is still pitch black outside… Hope your weather is better tomorrow 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    I can see the feet in the washcloth….so sweet and I love the little flowers on the sweater! I don’t have daughters, so I have a tendency to goo goo over girly stuff, which cracks me up because I’m not a girly kind of girl.

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