Long time between visits

Hello one and all, I can’t believe it has been so long since I last wrote.  I read your blogs everyday and rush off to do this and that and forget to put some words down.  I am loving all the blogs I read, so industrious one way or another, cooking, knitting, a spot of crochet, sewing, paper crafting.  The days are turning cold on the ‘other side of the world’ whilst the sun is shining here now, well most of the time anyway.  Today is glorious here in Australia ‘down south’ whilst snow has been predicted in New Zealand which is basically our neighbour……………..the wonders of nature.

I have been busy knitting a little jacket in a cream, very soft cotton yarn for about a 3 month size and a little face cloth, in pale pink bamboo/wool yarn for a friend to give as a pressie, my first paying items, yay!!!  Just doing the bands now and to sew on some little buttons and a little embroidery and it will be finished.  Will post a pic when it is done.

Last night I put the knitting down and picked up the crochet hook and did one and a ‘bit’ of two more squares for the blanket, the last square really did my head in, pulled undone countless times, but determination won out and by the time I flopped into bed I had finally mastered (?) the stitch after a LOT of  huffing and puffing and sighing and a few words too.  I have been told all my life I am stubborn and determined, am glad I am or I would have given up and missed out on a wonderful happy love affair with this thing called crochet.  It certainly has me ‘hooked’ now.

This pic is the first four that I did, they need some serious blocking to get them sitting pretty.  The one in the middle is the fifth which I finished last night.

And here it is finished with the challenging one, it is a mustard color, much more vibrant than how you see it.

Oh the smell of freesia just wafted under my nose, I love freesias, well all Spring flowers really.

My mum and dad came up last Sunday and dad got out and dug up the back garden and weeded for me (he is 85 and a real sweet man) so I am going to get a little veggie patch happening and that thought makes me feel very happy.  The flowers and seeds that I planted out the front are all starting to grow and my sweet pea seeds are now up, I am so excited to have sweet peas again, the scent is delicious, along with freesias, oh did I mention I love freesias hehe.








My sweet little viola/pansy’s, they are so heart warming to look at, there is some lobelia in there as well.  I used to live ‘in the hills’ and the flowers didn’t grow as well, not enough sun.  I didn’t want to move out of the hills as I love it so much, however I am being compensated by being able to grow flowers and veggies here.

Today I feel very blessed and to quote Lucy “Heart skippy happy”

And I will keep saying this too, I love all my blog ladies and feel very blessed to share their ups and downs, it is a very loving community and it puts a warm feeling in my heart that there is more love and joy in this world than we realise and that we are never alone.

Thank you girls you do make my day a very happy and bright one.

I wish you all a happy and bright day too.

Sandi xxoo

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2 Responses to Long time between visits

  1. Diney says:

    You are so lucky that your Dad did some digging for you! My parents both died some 10 and 11 years ago, and they were great gardeners well into their eighties too, and never happier than when getting their hands into the soil. Sadly I’m not in their footsteps, although I adore seeing a beautiful garden and love pansies and fresias in particular too. And Daffodils. They are my favourite as the represent spring and all new things.

  2. Melissa says:

    Wow! It looks like you’re really getting the hang of it! Your squares look beautiful. I also love your pansies. They are so cheerful. I’ve tried growing plants, but evidently I have a black thumb instead of a green one. Plants tremble when I walk past. They are scared I’m going to try to “help” them. When I try to help plants grow, the invariably end up dead….very sad.

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