Today 😦

Anabelle and her daddy called in for a cuppa yesterday afternoon and she grabbed my camera, here are a few pics she took, and remember she is only three and a half.

Close up of daddy

A not so close up of moi, thank goodness, in all my glory, no makeup and hair not done (well I was having a really lazy day)

And my practice “Scallop Lace” crochet.

I think we may have a budding photographer in our family.  If so she is taking after her Aunty K, my daughter who has had some photo’s exhibited.

Talking of my daughter, her trip to China never came off, China wanted them to go over on tourist visa’s and not working visa’s, if they had been caught they would have been put in jail.  I am happy she didn’t go.

She teaches two dance classes a week, started this year, so she is a fledgling choreographer.  We have school holidays at the moment and we have two weeks of dance comps on.  My daughter’s girls came second, only one other teacher from the dance school got a second and he is one of THE top HipHop teachers.  The rest have had honorable mentions.  She of course burst out crying………….. as you would.

I finished my first crochet square, then my second which was Scallop Lace, and then my third….a Granny square and started my fourth which is a Treble square.  I pulled my first and second undone because they didn’t measure 13 x 13.  The Scallop one was 13 high x 19 wide!!!  Not sure if the pattern has a glitch in it as I did crochet the correct amount of rows of pattern and it measured the correct height of 13cm, go figure.  I may employ Alice to do a small sample from my instructions and see how she goes.  Apart from all that I am so, so happy that I am making sense of patterns (so far) and absolutely loving this thing called crochet.  It was another late night last night as I just didn’t want to stop, but stop I did (almost midnight again)

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

xx Sandi

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12 Responses to Photos

  1. Lorraine says:

    Not so nice a day this morning either! Hope your weather will be better for you tomorrow.

    Love your granddaughter’s photos, as you say a budding photographer in the making.

    Yeah! Go Crochet. Come on show us your squares, or not squares… 😉

  2. Melissa says:

    I find it very ironic that you are half way round the world and your Saturday was beautiful – as was mine – and your Sunday was raining – as was mine! Looks like you getting the hang of that crochet stuff – Yea! Let me know if you need any help. I’m not a master, but sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes. I’m lucky that I have my sister-in-law.

    • sandiart says:

      Oh thank you Melissa, might just take you up on that when/if I get stuck again. I am a visual sort of person, I like to sit with someone (or youtube) and watch and read the pattern, makes more sense that way. xx

  3. The crochet looks great, it really is easy isn’t it? After all it’s just wrapping yarn around and pulling it through! Mind you that bits ok it’s the tension gauge bit I have trouble with lol. I’m quite jealous of you being in the sunshine and spring weather when we’re heading towards winter 😦 It certainly smells autumnal outside now.

  4. Mwa says:

    Crocheting is great. If I ever do any crafty stuff it will be that. My sister has crocheted half her house.

  5. Sue says:

    Ha! Today we have blue skies and yesterday was wet and horrible.

    I love the close up of Anabelle’s dad! I always think going in close is the way to go.

    Thank you for your sweet comment about my sampler pics. Unfortunately those sort of pics won’t work with the Moo format. I have thought about getting them printed and made into a calendar one day though.

  6. Jody says:

    You don’t need makeup!! Your grandaughter takes better pics than me!

  7. Melinda says:

    Hi Sandi,
    I am so glad your daughter didn’t go too! Your doing fabulous on your crochet! I love crocheting, it gets me in a peaceful zone. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. Gilding the Lily does have an on-line store, it is: It has only a sampling of what’s in the store, but some great stuff none the less! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and your little one is amazing at taking photos!!! Budding photographer !

  8. Hi Sandi, sorry, I can’t do a tutorial of the flowers… I’ve mentioned Suzanne Thompson’s book “a crochet bouquet,” where the pattern is from, plus many other wonderful ones and is well worth buying! As she has visited my blog in the past, I don’t think she’d be very pleased if she found me posting her patterns! Otherwise google stacked flowers and you’ll find heaps of patterns!

  9. Helen says:

    Hello Sandi,
    Nice to meet you! Thank you for dropping by my blog. This blogworld is great isn’t it?

    Yes, I am indeed enjoying my crochet. My first rug was just a giant granny square which I will now donate to the nearby nursing home. I just needed to practise on my crochet and didn’t want to make aimless squares. I’m doing another one now using a different pattern – just for practise – before embarking on something for me. I think I’m hooked !!!

  10. Diney says:

    Just as well your daughter didn’t go after all – what a shame though. Never mind, she did so well with her girls!!

    Great photos from such a young lady, by the way!
    Cheers 🙂

  11. What a nice blog!! And so nice to put a face to the name 🙂 Do you have a follower link?

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