Photo’s of our beautiful today………………………………….

Blue skys and a puffy cloud of two

Updated photo of the pansy’s

Grapevine coming into new leaf

Buddha’s in the garden

Winter feet enjoying the sun, (yes that is a toe ring, had it on for over 17 years now)

AND Ta-dah

My little wip, read from a pattern, yippee, it’s early days I know and this is a very easy pattern, but boy am I happy 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am off to go and sit in the sun and continue with my little project, a good dose of Vit D and fresh air and crochet and maybe a cuppa too, oh and Meggs will join me too no doubt.  What a lovely Sunday afternoon, sigh!!!!

I have some beautiful organic teas (and some choc) that my son and daughter-in-law gave me for looking after Anabelle, such yummie tea’s too, herbal and normal.  I really appreciate them giving me something, however it is so not necessary, I love looking after her she is such a crystal child and enriches my life.

The sun is calling, so bye for now, lots of love and heart warm hugs to you all.  I just want to add too that I love all your comments and have found a new world of very beautiful caring women, it does make my heart swell with all the love that you have for your families and friends and your animals and gardens and all your bloggie friends too, ok I’m off now…….


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One Response to Hello….again

  1. Lorraine says:

    Glad you have been enjoying the first sunshine rays of spring. Sounds like a really lovely way to spend the afternoon. Thank you so much for your lovely comments the other day. They mean a lot to me to know there are such kind hearted people out there.

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