Just a quick little hello to you all on this beautiful sunny, warm day.  Do I dare think that Spring is finally here?? Noooo, it will be back to cool and raining tomorrow, but that is tomorrow and today is beautiful.  I will be opening all the windows shortly and let that nice fresh, warm air into the house.

I sat with pattern, wool and hook in hand last night, no one was home so I was undisturbed and started to crochet via reading a pattern, yay success.  Well I did have to pull it undone seven a few times as I kept going wonky.  Tension is a tricky thing, however I persisted…and persisted…..and persisted.  Exclaimed once or twice “COME ON SANDI, DON’T LET IT BEAT YOU”  or words to that effect.  At midnight I was finally happy with what I had achieved, my first square for a blanket that is not a granny square, although it is only half a square as I haven’t finished it.  I was a little tired by midnight 🙂

Will take a photo soon and show you it all its small glory,  BUT I was able to follow a pattern, albeit an easy one, and that makes me feel that not all is lost on this, sometimes, befuddled brain.

Have a wonderful day.

Hugs Sandi xx

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2 Responses to Hello

  1. One stitch at a time Sandi! if it says:
    ch1, 2dc, ch2, tdc into ring blah blah…
    chain 1.
    Then do 2dc.
    Then ch2.
    I suppose it’s like life really, we get so involved in the bigger picture we forget to be in the moment for the single bits of it!

  2. Melissa says:

    Keep it up! I know that if you can knit, you will definitely be able to master crochet!

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