I have an addiction

Seriously I think I do, I sorted through my yarn today because I have lost two size 4 hooks and one knitting needle, hmmmm, not there, so I turned the lounge room upside down, all the cushions off the couch, not there either.  So whilst I was at it I vacuumed, especially where my wool stash sits in a big basket and bag.  Sorted through my knitting needles and chucked out the odd ones, you know how socks go missing in the wash, yes well something similar happens to my needles.  I only need to buy one size in the knitting needles and the hook and I will have a full set!!

As I was putting all my yarn back I decided to count it , oh my I have, wait for it……………..

………………………………………………….89 balls of yarn.

Do I need help???

xx Sandi

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3 Responses to I have an addiction

  1. Diney says:

    Yup!!!! But it’s a nice, homely one!

  2. Melissa says:

    I don’t think you need help at all! Sounds like you’ve started a very nice yarn stash! I have so much to strive towards. I will have to show this to Car Guy…just because you have more yarn than me (yes I’m jealous). He doesn’t understand that there are just some things you can never have too much of….shoes, yarn, chocolate, wine…..just to name a few.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Certainly do…not sure there is much that can be done to help you though 😉

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