Sore eyes

I had my eyes checked today, the good news eyes haven’t really changed in the last 6 years (phew) so I just need to use 1.5 magnifying reading glasses for fine print and craft work.  But I need to keep a watch on the ‘pressure’ in my eyes so will be checked again in three months time.  But boy are they tired and sore tonight, it’s that ‘stuff’ they put in your eyes to make them numb so they can check for glaucoma, aww poor eyes.  Maybe I need to watch something really sad so I cry, that would get the moisture back.

🙂 xx Sandi

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3 Responses to Sore eyes

  1. Diney says:

    I watch a programme called Brothers and Sisters, an American series with Rob Lowe ,Calista Flockhart and Sally Field among the cast – this always makes me cry with the sentimental storylines so maybe you could give it a try! And if it doesn’t make you cry, Rob Lowe is worth looking at!!

  2. I am team glasses all the way, I totally believe they make you look smarter

  3. Melissa says:

    I do agree with Alice. I know for a fact people take me more seriously when I have my glasses on. If you need to cry – watch Gone With the Wind. I cry every time I watch it. Particularly when Melanie dies. It absolutely slays me.

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