I wish that the very clever washing machine makers could invent something (akin to a sniffer dog) into a machines memory that will detect ’tissues’ left in pockets and alert you to the fact BEFORE you wash your clothes.  Now I searched through all the pockets, or so I thought, BUT one was hiding, oh yes hiding I tell you.    White tissue all over black/dark clothes, it is the cleanest tissue around I grant you that.  So a lot of shaking and flicking of clothes was to be had, it is now all over the floor, luckily I need to vacuum today.  Why inside on the floor you ask???  Because I have a dirty dodgy clothes line out the back which I refuse to use, so I use ‘clothes horses’ and position them over the vents so the clothes will dry, as per pic below, can you see the tissue????? You can’t see very much of it, but you can imagine can you not, how a tissue can magically become enormous when gone through a washing machine.

Thank goodness we don’t use tissues much, oh well on with my day.

Hugs Sandi xx

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3 Responses to Oops

  1. Lorraine says:

    Oh I know the problem of the phantom tissues gone through the wash! Many a time have I experienced the same snow fall of tissues and white specks all over dark clothes!

  2. kath says:

    OMG that is the story of my life. Just to make matters worse, one of my (very odd) dogs rushes up and starts gobbling up the tissue shreds.

  3. Melissa says:

    I think I’d rather have the phantom tissues over the phantom pen or lip balm. Those two drive me nuts!

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