Some yummies I bought…….:)

Last week when we went for that epic walk (almost 3 hours) after our ‘coffee’ (chai latte) we wandered across the road to a ‘dress’ shop, it has new and preloved clothes, shoes and jewelry, a mish mash of alternative and sort of contemporary, I love it, it’s called ‘Beggars Bazzar’   and can always find oodles of things I love, but not always in my size (8), the smalls are still big on me even tho I am an 8-10 😦 so I miss out on some amazing clothes.  Anyway I found this and had to go back and buy it, I don’t need it BUT it was so pretty I just had to have it.  Very vintage style lace and soft cotton scarf or shawl. Soft pale mushroom and cream and was extremely cheap for what it is, am I happy YES!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered these off the internet, cheaper to buy them from America than buy them here, what a lot of beauties in there, from tiny almost pin head size to quite big.  I do love buttons, but not ordinary buttons, oh no not me.

From largest to smallest, can you see the teeny tiny ones in there???  I love the back ground material, it is a huge off cut that I bought years ago and have never made anything out of it, but it has come in handy to pop around the Christmas tree so we can put the pressys on it.  I have used it for a cover on the day bed and to cover a long built-in seat.  It has been around for years.  Hummm I could make some serious cushions embellished with vintage lace etc.  But I don’t want to cut into it yet……maybe one day.

I also took a photo of the lace border that I have been knitting for my granddaughters jacket, and when I have finished writing this I will be making a cuppa and getting back to it, I want to finish it by the time I see her again.

I wear an ‘om’ symbol necklace and she keeps saying to me ‘Nanna San, I love your necklace, it’s beautiful’ I have promised to buy her one, and I finally found one the other day, just her size, so she will be getting a new jacket and a necklace…..oooh it’s Christmas!!!!

Oh I do love this material, and I love my blog friends, have a happy day and until next time lots of these xxoo.


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3 Responses to Some yummies I bought…….:)

  1. kath says:

    Hi Sandi, I wanted to be a follower too. I think the way to do it is, go to DESIGN, click on ADD A GADGET and chose FOLLOWERS. See if that works. I will be your first follower then 😀

  2. sandiart says:

    Oh kath, I don’t have ‘design’ on my blog, I think I picked a very basic one. I am still waiting on some info regarding ‘google followers’. Another girl that uses ‘wordpress’ has read up on ‘followers’ and has decided not to go ahead with it. I have asked her for the link so I can read it, but she hasn’t got back to me as yet. Will send her an email I think. xx Sandi

  3. Melissa says:

    Oh Sandi! That scarf is so yummy! It is absolutely gorgeous! Loving the trim too!

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