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Hi all, I was asked this morning how someone could become a follower of my blog, short answer is ‘I don’t know’  I have attempted to download ‘Google Friend’ to this site, but I don’t know where/how to add it, it is all double dutch to me, nothing is explained and I am finding WordPress is not so user-friendly.  What to do, what to do.  I have ‘subscribe by email’ on my side bar, so not sure if this would work the same   WordPress support are off in the ether till the 19th Sept, BIG help….not. Any WordPress people out there that could help me with this little glitch???????

I have signed the lease for this house for another 12 months, so today I decided I wasn’t going to have a bare garden for another year, I crave flowers like I crave the sun, so off I went this morning and came home with:- Pansy’s, Petunia’s, Snapdragons, Dwarf Dahlias, Nasturtium, Mini Geraniums, Marigolds and Sweet Alice, so I am looking forward to a lovely show of flowers. I have popped most into a smallish patch in the front garden under the window, plus three pots as well. I may even be able to have the odd vase of flowers. I pruned the three roses that are here, I think it was the first time they had ever had a hair cut,they look so healthy and happy now with lots of glossy new growth. The trees are all out in beautiful new leaf and am waiting patiently for the grape-vine next door to start to leaf so that I have something nice to look at instead of a bare fence. Spring is here, the blossom trees are out in bloom, however the days are still pretty cool, today was nice, but not much sun, hopefully tomorrow will bring some our way.
Tomorrow I will be taking some pics of some bits and pieces that I have bought lately.

Till then……hugs to all xx Sandi

A couple of photos of the new little garden, it still looks bare, with a few green bits, but come another month or so, it will be bursting with color (Ihope)

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4 Responses to Just stuff

  1. Lorraine says:

    The way I solved the problem of following updates on your blog was to put you on my sidebar and that way everytime you write a new post I can read it! 🙂

    Don’t forget to show us pictures of your garden please.

  2. I posted about the same prob the other day! I read an article about it by a blog pro who had pros and cons about follower links, and I’ve decided I can do without!!!!!
    Yay for flowers!

  3. Melissa says:

    I have you on my sidebar and get emails….just because I’m slow like that. I love how you are planting flowers and I’m gearing up for winter. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your flowers in full bloom while I sit in my long johns.

    • sandiart says:

      Hey Melissa, I was just thinking that the other day, in the heat of our summer I was looking at photos of snow and of course in winter I was looking at all the beautiful summer fruits and flowers and clothes. I hope you have a couple of restful but productive days ahead.

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