Back in June I ordered the “Lucy” pack of yarn from ‘Stylecraft‘ in the UK, plus a couple of extra colors that I liked and then waited….and waited…..and waited.  I sent them an email early August explaining that I hadn’t received it yet and was I just a little bit too eager (I wasn’t sure how long it should take).  The lovely Chris replied, we had a few emails back and forth, the ending result was, Chris sent me another lot.  How nice is that, I am so happy that I was believed, I just hope they are not out of pocket with this.

It is 100% Acrylic which I usually shy away from because I do love natural yarns, however on Lucy’s recommendation I went ahead and ordered it, well to my surprise it is so soft and not squeaky or hard, so I am happy.  Now I wonder what it will turn into?????

I was awarded this from the lovely, zany, quirky Sue she makes me laugh and sometimes cry, thank you Sue.

Now apparently I need to tell you seven things about myself you didn’t know, hmmm seven, well here goes.

1. I met my first husband when I was only, gasp, fifteen and a half.  Sooooo young we were married just before my 19th birthday.  We divorced after 20 years together, just grew apart, we are still good friends to this day.  I did re-marry, but ‘Mr Charm and Charisma’ turned out to be ‘Mr Nasty’.  No regrets, I learnt a lot about myself thru him.

2.  I was told I would never be able to have children, huh, don’t tell a Sagittarian that they can’t or won’t because they will….I had three.

3.  I learnt classical Ballet when I was 30, yes that’s right 30, and was learning Pointe when I left.  I did one concert whilst I was pregnant, but had two pregnancies whilst learning.  I also started learning HipHop when in my very late 40’s. Now I do Pilates, walk, swim and stretches with my daughters jazz class.

4.  I have dabbled in the world of craft for many years, pottery, soap making, patchwork, embroidery, sewing and knitting to name a few, now my challenge is to learn to read crochet patterns.

5.  I love reading and have a thirst for learning about the ancient mystical world, the goddesses and pagans, herbage, Stonehenge and all things magical.  I did study (for a short while) naturopathy, but with lack of support (and I shall leave that there) I couldn’t continue, but I do the natural therapies here at home, we eat good fresh food, but I do indulge in………..

6.  Chocolate mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate, and I do love a glass of chardy and fresh oysters with lemon or lime juice with a fresh crusty white bread, and salad with a million different ingredients…….do I need to go on, I love fresh, fresh food.

7.  I love to laugh and play, to indulge my inner child, I love my kids beyond words and my dear little granddaughter, my family and friends, they are all so loved and cherished………and I shall never grow up.

This is me 🙂     

And it will be the only pic you see of me because I dislike my pic being taken.

Well I had better be off and continue with my day….I wish you all a lovely, happy day.

Sandi xx

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6 Responses to Wool

  1. Lorraine says:

    A lovely lot of wool you have there and gorgeous colours…now I wonder what you are going to be making with it?!

    So what are you learning to do now? 😉

    Thanks for your lovely comments 🙂

  2. Lovely photo Sandi! you have a particularly gorgeous witchy-licious look about you! I say that as I am a witchy goddess myself and recognise that innate magical quality in others of my kind!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see what you make with the wool… !!!

  3. Melissa says:

    It’s so lovely to be able to put a face with your “voice!” You are a very beautiful and diverse woman. Thanks so much for allowing me yo be a part of your journey.

  4. miss holly says:

    Yea! now I have a face for the lovely person who found my site!! wow you’ve done some amazing things ! wonderful photo of you!! and love love love your yarn!! do you follow sara london??? very amazing women. crochets some wonderful things, fantastic colorist. google sara london flicker photostream….. i think you will love her!

  5. homeandheart says:

    How lovely are you?? Cannot wait to see what you create with your yummy yarn. My own “Mr Charm and Charisma” turned out to be “Mr Nasty” as well! *Sigh* Two strikes for me. You seem to have a great attitude about life. I look forward to chatting again soon!

  6. auntiegwen says:

    Loved your 7 things, very nice to meet you Sandi 🙂

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