One down…one to go

I finally finished my cousin’s daughters little dress  (ta-dah)  I am quite happy with it and she loves it, because she looooovvvvveeeesssss purple.   My cousin loves green, so I think I have made them both happy.

It looks a bit wonky on the hanger.     And a close up of the buttons I made, I loved making these and am happy with the way they turned out.  I used some lovely violets with leaves material and used some fluffy yarn (green and purple) in the middle and then sewed tiny purple beads in the middle of the yarn.

I am still waiting on the last ball of yarn to finish my granddaughters dress, it is going to swim on her, one for the cupboard until next year I think.

I am now knitting her a little cream cardigan, it has a knitted lace edging….which is doing my head in, I have had to pull it undone as I made a mistake and couldn’t work out where.   I do get confused so easily these days,  oh my gosh it’s a worry haha.  I got told the other day that I repeat myself, WHAT???? nooooooooo, isn’t that a sign of ..dare I say it…..old age?????  Yuck poo, it’s not fair I still feel about 25…sigh.

Wow we had some very wild winds last night, kept me awake with gates banging and crashing, I was a bit worried that the cracked windows that are in this house would give way, but apart from crap blown everywhere and a gate that came undone, all was well.  The weather has been unbelievable here, lots and lots of rain, people getting flooded out and an earthquake over in New Zealand, was a bit worried about Alice and Raymond as she lives over there, but she lives up on the North Island and away from it, am yet to hear if they felt any of it.   If it’s not getting flooded out and losing all your goods, its fires burning houses and people being left devastated, good old mother nature, she keeps us grounded.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, well the one’s that celebrate it this time of the year anyhow.

It was my dad’s 85th birthday on Thursday, he is up the top of Australia in a place called Townsville visiting my brother (along with mum) they flew up on Friday, I am sure they are having a wonderful time, it will be nice and warm for them and to catch up with their son. First time they have been together for Father’s Day in probably 30 years.  We only get to see him once a year, he works in the Airforce and is getting close to retiring, well another couple of years anyway.

I am happy to report that Alice is ok, felt the quake, but a long way away from it….phew.

Tomorrow I will take a photo of some yarn and show you with a little story attached.

Till then…lovin you all lots…with hugs:)

Sandi xxx

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4 Responses to One down…one to go

  1. kath says:

    Oh Sandi, those little buttons are divine! 😀

  2. kath says:

    I also meant to add, you did a wonderful job on that little dress and I look forward to seeing the lacy edged cardi.

  3. Oh wow, that dress is totally beautiful, the details on the bottons and everything!
    Knitters make me want to hone my knitting skills I tell you!
    Great work Sandi I love it!

  4. Lorraine says:

    The dress is lovely no wonder she loves it!

    The weather Down Under has certainly been terrible hasn’t it?! Thankfully my parents live in the North Island so are quite safe from the earthquake and all the havoc it as wrought.

    Oops! I forgot Fathers Day AGAIN – it is held on a different date over here – a right pain.

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