A road trip and wool

On Thursday I picked my mum and dad up and off we went….on a mini road trip, approx 300k round trip.  We went to a place called Bendigo, it used to be a gold mining area, but I’m pretty sure all the gold is now gone……we went to find our own gold….wool.  Bendigo has a woollen mill.  So off we set, after getting lost a brief detour we arrived safely a couple of hours (and a little bit more due to the detour) later.  Beautiful countryside was to be seen (no pics..sorry) cows, sheep, horses, lots and lots of gum trees in all their glory and the wattle trees in blossom, just beautiful.  My dad is 85 in a few days and he was sitting in the back, I asked him how he was going in the back of the car..his response ‘I’m ok’ then started with the ‘Are we there yet. are we there yet’ I told him no and to do some colouring in or play ‘I spy’ with himself.  He is a funny one and I am very lucky to still have my parents with us.

We had a slight (ummmm) detour again when we got there, but I just let my nose lead the way and we found ourselves at the mill, yippie.   Mum bought some lovely pale pistachio and some off white pure Alpaca, enough to do two jumpers for $100, she was very happy.  I grubbed around in the sale bins and came away with…………

They sell mostly 200grm balls but I bought some 50grm balls as well, mostly for making flowers.  The cream ball in the front is pure cotton and very soft, will knit some little dresses and booties and then embroider flowers on them, or knit little forget me nots and pop on.   The colours didn’t come out very well I’m afraid.  I have a brighter pistachio, a soft lemon and green in amongst the colors.  I also got the seconds on the left for $1.20, could crochet up something very delicate with that.

We went to the very famous Shamrock pub and had a lovely lunch, a quick walk around, saw ducks in the main street, it rained and was sunny and rained again and was quite cold, I think there may have been snow up on the hills sure felt like it.  We were very snug in the car tho’, it was her first big run, I have now done 1600ks and she behaved like a lady.

We have another mill in a place called Wangaratta, I may be tempted to go and visit that one as well.  I may just ring and find out what variety of wools they have first tho.  I am building up quite a stash.

Almost finished the second little dress I have been knitting, it is a Tora Frosyth (Ravelry) pattern called “Little Sister”  Am still waiting for THE ball of wool to come in to finish off Anabelles dress (hurry up Spotlight)!!!!!!!!:(

Oh my, the sun has just started to shine and it is 4pm, thank you…tomorrow is meant to be lovely, fingers crossed, come on Spring my fav season.

Thank you to all you lovely ladies who have paused a while to read my little blog and left a comment, they are received with a very big smile on my face and a happy lovely feeling in my heart.  It is wonderful to share thoughts and daily happenings with you all.

Sandi xx

ps….my detours, would you believe I looked on the internet and at a map to make sure I knew where to go, but funnily enough the map was a little different to the actual area, not to mention lack of signage…grrrrrrrrr, but a great day was had by all 🙂

pps I also bought a bag of fleece, am thinking I will make environmentaly friendly pot scourers, stay tuned….

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One Response to A road trip and wool

  1. Hello Sandi! I tried to leave a comment the other day but it didn’t work for me!

    Sounds like fun you had with your parents, as I get older (don’t roll your eyes now!!) I notice how important my family and friends are to me, and the precious time we spend together…
    Have a lovely day and I hope you get some mandala action happening soon!

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