Once upon a time….

Was over on Lucy’s blog the other day she was telling us about her lazy mornings with the children home on holidays, they get up and stay in their PJ’s having some quiet time in the mornings until 9.30 when it is the unofficial ‘open the front door’ time.  This is when all the kids (and mums) in the neighbourhood come and go in each others homes, they play out on the road together (the kids that is, not the mums) and have a huge amount of fun.  I remember this happening when I was a child, but I don’t see it anymore and this makes me feel a teenie weenie sad.  The kids are inside playing on the computer, or watching tv etc. or worse still they don’t go out because it is dangerous because of the disrespectful minority.  How I love the old ways of community and respect and caring for your neighbour and knowing that our kids can run free and come home full of the wonders of the day playing with friends and us as mums knowing that they are safe.

I feel that we are moving towards this again, the blogs I read are all so lovely and written by lovely people who ‘care’  I feel we are all becoming ‘more aware’ of wanting to get back to basics and be happy and safe and loved.

So I am sending out lots of love to you all and I thank you for sharing yourselves with me.

Sandi xx

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5 Responses to Once upon a time….

  1. homeandheart says:

    I felt such a pang of Nostalgia and regret when reading this. Sadly we can’t even trust our neighbors sometimes. I long for a gentle, sweeter, happier time!

  2. Sue at Dollytub Cottage says:

    My lads are 28 and 30 now, and when they were kids we lived in a street with many other families with kids of the same age. They would all play together in each others’ gardens and also on a playing field at the the top of the street. Every Christmas Eve everyone would come to our house and we’ve have great parties. One of the neighbours would dress up as Santa and walk down the other side of the street, and we’d shout the kids to come and look. Then they knew that they would all have to go home! The neighbour over the road hosted New Year’s Eve. In the school holidays, we would have play dates, Mums included, and we’d all take sandwiches and cakes. I am still friends with 2 of the Mums to this day. Even then, we knew that we were lucky to live in such a close community, as the world was becoming more insular. Happy Days! SueXXX

  3. Melissa says:

    I feel so blessed. We don’t do “open door” where I live, but I do live in a wonderful neighborhood. We’ve lived here for 10 years and most of my neighbors have been there as long, if not longer. They are wonderful people and keep an eye on things….the house if we’re away, the kids at play, etc. We live on a Cul-de-sac and it is always full of kids playing.

  4. miss holly says:

    I cherish those memories of my childhood.. we do have an old fashioned neighboorhood , in fact the one I grew up in and much is still the same… I so agree about these lovely blogs! it has renewed my faith in people…. so many wonderful people who really care about so many wonderful things…. yea! I love you all!

    p.s. your crochet is fantastic! coming along beautifully!

    Happy Day all!

  5. miss holly says:

    p.s. again….. Your daughter!! Wow! absolutely over the top marvelous!!!

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