I have had fun crocheting grannies, I am still a raw recruit and have done them on a very big hook, so only three rows per square and it makes a big one.  I have decided that wool is so much nicer to crochet with it stretches and bounces back.  The purple is acrylic and is quite hard and squeeky to use, although it is a nasty cheap one, will have to experiment….maybe a smaller hook would be better too.  However once I started I didn’t want to stop,  I have done 29 small ones and a big one for the centre.  Could look a whole lot better too when it is sewn together, then again it may not BUT I am still happy that I have finally got ma crochet on!!!!!  I am still waiting for my ‘Lucy’ pack from the UK, they are going to resend it as I have been waiting 8 weeks, don’t think it should take that long….or would it???

Still haven’t finished the little dress yet, just waiting on the yarn to come back in as they ran out, I only need to do 3 more rows to finish it off……most of the colors came in, but not the wisteria that I need, isn’t that typical 🙂

You may have noticed that I have written two posts at the same time.  I cannot work out how you can put your photos up and then write underneath.  Hang on I know that sounds silly so I will explain.  When I write a new post it shows how I want it to look, then when I publish it, it goes completely off the planet and lands as it does….not the way I want it.  So hence two posts unless I publish the photos one after the other, then I think it works.  Can anyone help me with that????

Will leave you with a photo of our beautiful Meggs, mid lick, like her eyes hehe.  She has been with us for 13 or 14 years, can’t quite remember, she still acts like a kitten a lot of the time.  I have had to tell son #2 to stop giving her food all the time, just because she asks for it, well not exactly asks for it, she scratches on his door to be let in. then she gets on her side and claws her way around the base of his bed, then sits on his lap, then claws her way around under the bed again.   So to stop her, he feeds her, she isn’t silly, but she is getting fat again. Bad kitty.  I just say no and put her outside, I am a strict mummy 😦

Hugs Sandi xx

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3 Responses to Grannies

  1. good on the grannies! Good work! they are ridiculously addictive I agree.
    With wordpress… when you upload your photo and it comes up with the box saying all the size bits, down the bottom there is a box saying “insert into post” if you click on that it will go in the centre of the post…
    if it goes in the wrong place, cut and paste it.
    Is that helpful? Was that what you were wondering?
    Its taken me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many months to work out this blog business!

  2. Sue at Dollytub Cottage says:

    What a coincidence! I scratch round the base of the bed when I’m hungry too. (I do it to see if I can find any wagon wheel crumbs I dropped the day before.) I see you have left a comment on my blog about me becoming an astrologer. Oooh Sandi – you’re so impatient. There will be a reading for every star sign in my next blogpost. From Capricorn to Vertigo – they’re all there! You say you’re Sagittarius, hang on let me have a quick look on my charts for you………….mmmmm, thought so, there’s definitely some strange goings on around Uranus! Best wishes Psychic SueXXX

  3. sandiart says:

    Oh my gosh, you are a great Psychic, hahaha. You would fit in really well here, my son would feed you all the time then and give your tummy a rub 🙂

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