Can I be just a little………..


I know all you wonderful crafty crochet ladies will understand that I feel a little proud and wanted to say a teeny, tiny ta-dah because I have finally cracked the crochet drought.  I have practiced off and on over the last few months, but just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.  Then I ‘found’ a youtube video of ‘how to’ make Granny Squares, so with hook and yarn and a whole afternoon to myself, I, with a very determined demeano,r gently coaxed yarn, hook and brain into action………and here is my very first efforts, oh yes I had a very big grin on my face and couldn’t wait to show my kids.  They are wobbly and I can see a mistake/s in there too, BUT I feel so good that I finally was able to hook something that resembled what it was meant to be.

This is the first one and the purple is the second one I did, so now I have the bug I will be hooking more and more.  Whoo hoo!!!!!:)

When I was just practicing the stitches I realised that I really need to learn how to read patterns because what I think they mean…isn’t, and I guess that’s the way you learn, trial and error.

Have to be grateful for the video’s that people have very kindly made, so thank you to all those lovely people out there.

Have just started Zumba, what’s that you say?? Health nut in the making???  NO, not me however I am aware of my body not being as strong as it used to be, and I don’t want to end up weak in my old age, so decided to be a bit more proactive and get out there and do some preventative exercise.  I also do pilates, walk and do stretches with my daughters dance class each week.  People that know me are almost in shock because I can be quite the couch potato, although in earlier years I swam, played squash and netball, oh and learnt Ballet.

Until next time…Hugs x


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4 Responses to Can I be just a little………..

  1. woooo hoooo! Raymond and i fully support the crochet bug!
    I could never read knitting patterns, but crochet patterns for some reason I found easier. I always remind myself, just one stitch at a time…. just read it one bit at a time and don’t get overwhelmed by the jargon!
    Looking forward to seeing your crochet creations!

  2. sandiart says:

    Thank you for your lovely comment Alice, it sure is one step at a time. I am the opposite can read knitting patterns but that is because I was ‘made’ to knit from an early age by my mum…..grateful now, not at the time. I think Raymond is becoming quite the connoisseur in all things woolly. Have a great day, I’m off walking.

  3. Sue at Dollytub Cottage says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet – maybe something to do in the cold winter evenings. My knitting skills are rubbish. I can make great scarves, but never managed to grasp “knitting round corners”! SueXXX

  4. kath says:

    Hello Sandi, I’m so happy you came over to visit my Blog and thankyou for your kind comments. Let’s hope the surprises to come aren’t rusty old wheel barrows and rotten rabbit houses LOL

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