Hello :)

Gosh I have missed blogging, I read everyone else’s then get the guilts because I am spending so much time on the computer instead of doing what I should…..but you girls write such great posts that keep me laughing or learning or oohing and arrhhing over such beautiful things that you make, or photos that you take.

Today was a beautiful sunny warm day, for the middle of winter, I opened all the windows and doors and let some welcome fresh air in, it felt like Spring.  I did the washing and cleaned the house it all smells and feels fresh.  So now I can blog guilt free.

I have progressed with the little dress that I am knitting as you can see…..I think it is going to be a bit big on her, perhaps it may be a nice one for Autumn next year, Anabelle is three and a half and quite petite.  Here she is with a hat on “I’m Jessie” from Toy Story, and I of course have to be Buzz (to infinity and beyond)  I must admit it is great to be a nanna, you can be a kid all over again and you can use them as an excuse to go see kids movies, don’t think I will ever grow up.

This picture doesn’t show the shape of the sides of the dress as it is still on the needles.   Still haven’t done anything in the crochet department yet, I look at all the lovely things all you girls are making and I almost drool.  I work part-time for a few hours a week at my daughters dance centre on reception and have taken in wool and hook and a ‘how to’ book, but have been so busy that I haven’t had a moment to do anything, maybe tonight will be the night!!

My mum knitted a big oblong knee rug and has embroidered flowers and sewn buttons on it, she asked me to make some flowers for it, I still need to make more (crochet one’s when I learn) here are a couple that I have made so far.  I have some lovely ‘fat quarters’ from a patchwork shop that has closed down, they were selling off everything cheap, so I grabbed quite a few, am so glad I did, so far they have come in very handy.

A few weeks ago I bought two lovely little stands, one is outside with a pot of pansies on it and the other is inside with these flowers on it.

Not the best photo, but I couldn’t resist buying them as they were on sale, I do love a sale.  The pink jug underneath was from a bathroom jug and bowl set, unfortunatly the bowl broke many years ago.

Ok I am off to cook my dinner as I am hungry, so until next time…..hugs

Sandi xx

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One Response to Hello :)

  1. Hi Sandi! I go hard whenever there is a sale, my partner tells me to, because I regret it if I don’t!!! I always whine about how much I could have used whatever it was, and how great it would have been if I bought more!!!!! So good on you! you’ll use whatever you buy!
    Have a lovely weekend, and blog guilt free always!
    Alice and Raymond XX

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