Look what I received in the post…….oh so sweet

The lovely Fiona at marmaladerose sent me this oh so cute cupcake as a thank you for some bits and bobs that I had sent her, isn’t it the cutest little cupcake you have ever seen.  Was all wrapped up snug in the pretty pink paper tucked into the little box with the gorgeous paper on the front….and the ‘Royal Mail’ stamp, very English.  By the way Fiona makes these and sells them through a shop called Milkchurncottage, and that’s not all she makes, a very talented lady is Fiona.  I am sure Fiona would have heard the squeal of delight when the little box was opened and I saw what was inside.  Thank you so much Fiona I will treasure it always.

The colors are darker than this, the flash has made them look washed out.

Have made the second batch of “After Eight” bisc. Sue from thequincetree spoke about these, so had to order the book and try them out, oh my they are very scrummy and were all gone in three days,  I made enough to fill a cookie jar and a big plastic container as well.  You can just see a few broken ones on a plate, I had to eat them, can’t have broken ones in the cookie jar….enjoyed with a mug of coffee.

Have finished the second jacket that I knitted for my granddaughter, it has little ribbon rose buds on the collar, but you can’t see them properly.  She is so funny, she keeps telling every one that “Nanna made this for me” when she wears the other one, and I didn’t think she took it in that I made it cos she was too interested in what was on the TV.  It is the same jacket as the last one, but I did toggles instead of buttons.

Have started knitting her a little dress for Spring, it is knitted on circular needles and it is the first time I have used them so will be interesting to see how I go.  The color once again hasn’t come out properly, I would call it Wisteria, very pretty, my granddaughter has almost black hair and the darkest of brown eyes, so will look stunning in this color….no I am not biased at all!!!!

Just a few more pics of the book that I made for my mum, NOT blurry this time.

The top pic is the front cover, I embroidered and beaded it, the other pics are of a few inside pages, most pages are blank so mum can write or draw etc on them.

Gosh I didn’t think I would have time to blog what with all the to’ing and fro’ing with my daughter.  I had to go and buy her a camera today, she has her ‘swish’ one but wanted a little digital as well, and because she is taking the swish one with her, as well as the digital, I had to get one for myself too, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to delight you with pretty pictures.  Imagine our shock when we opened the ‘Canon’ box and out came a ‘Sony’ camera,  arrrr, back to the shop we went *&@#.  She is a very good photographer too, had a couple of her photos in the National Gallery of Victoria here in Melbourne, Australia for 3 months.  She always has that to fall back on when the dance gigs run out.  The trip has been delayed a couple of days…something to do with visa’s, she is happy as it gives her a few more days to get orgainised and rest up, she has been in rehearsals for days and they have been long days too.  I am hoping the show is successful and goes to the UK, good excuse for me to take a trip to see her, I am organising my passport as I write, fingers crossed.

Yawn, oops sorry, I think it is time to blog off, I really need my beauty sleep, up early for my 2 hour walk in the morning and have people coming for dinner who want to catch up with my daughter before she goes, you would think she is going for a year, not 3 months!!

Take care one and all………good night.

Sandi x

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7 Responses to Look what I received in the post…….oh so sweet

  1. homeandheart says:

    How CUTE is that?!! Lucky you!

  2. Hmmm… I can almost smell those cookies from here! Glad you liked the cupcake, it’s odd to see something I’m usually photographing on someone elses blog. lol.
    love Fi x

  3. Wow you are lucky this is just too pretty. I know you will enjoy your gift very much.
    Your cookies made me hungry and I don’t have any around here tonight. lol
    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my site. I can not tell you how much it means to me.

  4. Lucky you! what a lovely cupcake… and so sweet that your grandaughter knows you made her her jacket!

  5. Wow your a busy lady! Love that gift you got in the post. Ax

  6. Sue says:

    Those biscuits are too good aren’t they? Can you get After Eights in Oz or do you have to find something similar? I made them successfully with a supermarket brand of after dinner mints.

    Sue x

  7. Abi says:

    Those biscuits look delicious. Will have to try them! Abi

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