….and here is the evidence

Can you see a little face peeping out from daddy’s arms, oh so cute and they didn’t think I would notice, hey I didn’t come down in the last shower you know.

Life is busy here at the moment, my daughter is off over seas on a dancing gig for 3 months and it all happened so quickly…2 weeks notice….so, mad rush to get passports….lots of rehearsals before she goes, of course shopping for the necessities, dinners to attend, and give, to say goodbye.  So an easy night tonight with the feet up, I didn’t go to pilates too tired zzzzzz oops.

She is so excited, ten years of  dance classes up to 6 days a week have paid off.  I am so happy for her, I look back and am not sure how I did it, full time work, single mum rushing every night 25min drive there and 25 back, cook tea, back in the car to pick her up, eat tea, fall into bed to start all over the next day, all worth it for her to be able to follow her dream and passion.   Was also driving son #2 45min twice a week for band practice, would drop him off and come home then back in the car a few hours later.   I wanted to support my kids in fullfilling their dreams as I know how it felt not to be supported and it has given me so much pleasure watching them grow and achieve what they set out to do, not to mention seeing the joy in their faces up on stage, her dancing and him playing guitar in a band.  Ahh bless.

Time for dinner, so till next time, take care.

Sandi x

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One Response to ….and here is the evidence

  1. Diney says:

    Hi – just seen your lovely comment on mine so thought I’d pop round to see you too! It’s great to meet you. My 10 year old loves dancing and singing too – she has had a successful audition at a regional theatre to appear in the Ensemble for a production of Oliver, so is quite thrilled! You have obviously done so much for your 19 year old to help her achieve her dreams and, as you said on mine, let’s hope that she will come back after this great gig and realise how fantastic you have been in supporting her. She probably does, they don’t always put it into words! Keep in touch – although I’m going on hol in a couple of days time and not sure if I will be able to take lap top!

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