The sun is shining and time for another post

I hope this finds you all happy and well, as is this little household.

I finally finished the little jacket I was knitting for my granddaughter, my son and daughter in law loved it, my granddaughter (miss 3) was too interested in the cartoons on the TV to take much notice…..ho hum.
I couldn’t find any buttons to match so covered some old buttons I had with purple velvet and they blended in with the flowers so well.

And a close up of the flowers I made, I really need to get cracking with the crochet so I can crochet some itty bitty flowers.

I have ordered some yarn from England would you believe, even with postage it was cheaper than buying it here, and they have a larger variety of very yummy colors too. I have picked up the knitting needles again after many years of drought and I want to learn crochet too, but find it so expensive here to buy. What to do, what to do!!!

Had a Sunday family day yesterday, my mum bought a roast lamb up for our dinner, that went down a treat and I made some oh so yummy fairy cakes, recipe from Lucy at Attic24, can I just say they were the best I have ever made, light and moist, no time to decorate or take photos, they were eaten as soon as they cooled. Will certainly be making more of these. Thank you for sharing this recipe Lucy.

Mum bought a couple of things up that I had ‘worked’ when I was in my 20’s some 30 odd, umm few years ago, will show them next time, son #1 was quite impressed when he saw them.

I had a long overdue trip to the hairdressers on Saturday, cut and new color, what do you think??? I love it, such a rich color for dreary grey winter days. Daughter declared ‘Oh mum such a cool color, I want my hair that colour too’

Hmmmmmm, I now blend in with these

Oooh, what is that peeping out down the bottom left of the photo………………………..

…………Ah another card that I have made…….

Whilst sitting with my hair all gooped up waiting for the color to bake I had my nose stuck in a cook book “Apples for Jam” Sue from The Quince Tree talked about this book and another one called ‘Food for Friends and Family’ which I am still waiting on to be delivered because there is a biscuit recipe that I just have to try, amongst other things they have ‘After Dinner Mints’ in them, oh my just as well I exercise…..will tell you how they turn out.

All this talk about food is making me hungry, a bowl of Pea and Ham soup I made yesterday with some crusty bread will do very nicely thank you 🙂

Have a happy day where ever it takes you.
Sandi xx

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3 Responses to The sun is shining and time for another post

  1. The Cuckoo says:

    Hi Sandi!
    I was so excited to get a comment from you. You’re the first comment I have recieved with out having to comment first and introduce myself. Very leased to have met you and therefore been able to read your lovely blog…by the way, love your hair, had to mention that before I forgot.

    Love how you described our blog words as swirling about in space having fun! It is a wierd one, having a blog that is so new you just don’t really know if it is reaching anyone. I wonder how people get readers. I guess they leave comments, link to other blogs and enter giveaways or even do their own. If I hit on something that works then I’ll let you know. How did you find me out of interest?

    I wonder if Cuckoo and Bud are having a cuppa and discussing us? xxxx

    • sandiart says:

      Hello there, I think I found you via Attic24, oh my, I swish around so much in and out of blogs, one leads to another, but I have found some gems, so am happy and some make me laugh so much…Dollytubcottage is one, she is so funny.

      Your sewing is great, so be kind to yourself, I attempted to sew for myself so often over the years, nothing ever looked right, then I had my daughter and had so much fun sewing so many cute outfits for her, ahh those days are gone.

      Hey you may want to try this free download, it may help with your photo problem on your blog. makes thumb nails of your pics which reduce the size of your file, just make sure you make a new folder to put them in on your desktop.
      Hope it helps,
      I had to smile at your comment re Cuckoo and Bud having a cuppa, could you imagine ‘Oh my granddaugher is …..’ ‘Oh yes so is mine, and mine can do….’ Must find a photo and post it of her, she was so small by the time she went, full of osteoperosis and was all hunched over, my kids were so gentle with her and would rub her back ever so gently and she would say how much better it felt, bless her.
      Oh I love England and so want to come visit one day, I have a jar started and put my spare change in it and am getting a passport organised ‘just in case’ My great, great etc grandfather came over from England and was a Govenor of one of our states, that’s on my dads side and on mums we originate from a cousin of the Duke of Wellington, so have a fair bit of the UK in me, especially in my heart. Well I’d best shut up now, have fun in the sun whilst we freeze here haha.
      Sandi xx

  2. Diney says:

    Your hair looks a very cool colour! Mmmm pea and ham soup and crusty bread sounds just lovely – can I join you?

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