Oooh, I have been a little sick of late, along with lots of others, yes that dreaded bug cold/flu hit me on Sunday and it is still here, however today I don’t have all the aches or feel as if my face is going to explode so I’m a happy, happy person.

I did a little crafting for the design team attempting to take my mind off my woes, can’t show you yet tho’

Have some very sweet, happy little faces cheering me up outside…….arn’t they just so happy to look at.

And a picture of our beautiful moggie called Meggs, she has been a part of our family for over 13 years now, and she still acts like a kitten at times, my dad says its because of the love we give her….yes she is well loved, sometimes too much from son #2 who can’t resist when she loves up to him and asks very cutely for just another little tidbit and being the softie that he is of course she gets another little mouthful.  I had to put her on a diet last year because she weighed in at almost 8kg…

Hope you are all happy and well…till next time x

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  1. homeandheart says:

    Thank you so very much for the sweet thoughts on my blog!! It is a wonderful thing to have the kindness of strangers! Please visit again, I promise more happy posts, and a giveaway coming soon as well! I will do the same. Warmest regards! Jody

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