Busy, busy

Well where does time go, I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, always rushing, so with cuppa and feet up I am going to take a little time to write.

I have been a busy girl with one thing and another, have created a few pieces for the design team, then went of on a tangent and started making fabric flowers, after throwing the first one on the floor in frustration because the cotton broke through the base piece for the third time (you don’t even want to know what came out of my mouth, a bar of soap probably wouldn’t have got it clean)  I moved on…….to a fabric covered journal for my mum for Mother’s Day.  It has grown from just a piece of fabric with wadding underneath to an embroidered, beaded and laced up cover which I haven’t finished yet….sorry mum!!!

This is thanks to Fiona at Marmaladerose who creates the most beautiful fabric crafty goodness, she is a wizz at crochet, embroidery and machine applique and you should see her felting…makes your mouth water, she also makes me laugh with her wonderful writings and the photos of Yorkshire…ahhh, makes me all thingie inside……..I want to go.

Once mum’s book is finished I have to get back to the design work again cos my fingers are itching.

Off to a 70’s party tonight, have op-shop boots to paint white and house to clean before I go so that I can put my feet up tomorrow and enjoy Mother’s Day.
Hugs for now


Oh, thought you may like another card to look at.

Card for my friends birthday.

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